Portraits are a time to be who you want to be.  Dress how you want to dress, act how you want to act…. capturing personalities rather than poses.  That gleam in an eye, that quirky smile or that certain look….these are what I strive to capture.  My style is to make you feel at ease and comfortable enough for these nuances to break through.

Headshots are an important tool for any aspiring or working entertainer. The whole purpose of your headshots is to get you the opportunities that will open the doors to auditions and work. Headshots are the primary tool for actors to promote themselves.  The Headshot can be that magical image that captures your uniqueness and gets you a shot at a life-changing opportunity.

Events can also be very special times to create memories.  Whether it’s a charity event, corporate event or even something more personal like  a family reunion, anniversary, birthday or graduation, capturing the event in images can provide a way to share with others or simply keep close to the heart.



  • Portrait sessions 1-2 hrs.
    • Options of 1-2 looks, 1 or multiple locations
  •  Headshot sessions.
    • Options of 1-3 looks, 1-2 locations
    • Portrait ready images up to 10 - touched up
  • Other options: Premium or Specialty prints, Photo albums, DVD of hi-res images
  • Family Sessions start at $250 | Couple/Single Sessions start at $150
  • Headshots start at $150 



  • Event day coverage – 2-4 hrs
  • DVD with high-resolution images and license for re-use or publication
  • Large Events (20+ attendees; 3+ hours) Packages start at $500
  • Small Events (Under 20 attendees 1-2 hours) Packages start at $300